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organization or
individual in need.

You can tell a lot about a community in how they take care each other during times of crisis. Right now, we need each other more than ever.


Let’s send a strong message to the region that when people are in need during a crisis, their neighbors are here to help because we care.


Over the past few weeks, a group of chefs, farmers and volunteers in Alton and St. Louis have joined together to help get much-needed food and supplies to people across the region in this time of need through Project Care.

Project Care is a collaboration among local farmers, restaurateurs, area chefs, food suppliers, and social service organizations. The goal of this project is to help increase social distancing by establishing a short-term regional network to gather donated food and essential items, as well as prepare and deliver meals in the most effective, hygienic and efficient manner possible to people across the region during this time of crisis.


The not-for-profit organization called Alton Forward is partnering with Project Care to assist in getting the financial resources through donations required to ensure our economically-stressed neighbors have the food they need to sustain themselves and their families during this coronavirus crisis.


A special fund has been established for financial donations to this important cause to ensure Project Care has the resources it needs to get food where it’s most needed.


We have volunteers who are receiving, organizing and packing for delivery food donations and essential items, and others who are delivering to organizations and individuals in need.


List of organizations and volunteer groups working on this project:

Alton Forward
Known & Grown STL
Riverbend Ministerial Alliance
STL Food Works
Operation Food Search
Beyond Housing

Diaper Bank
Boys and Girls Club
Area churches
Deliverance Temple
Overnight Warming Centers:


Alton Forward is a not-for-profit collaboration of AltonWorks. Our focus is to inspire stakeholders to become champions, ambassadors, leaders, volunteers, investors, partners and an active part of the future of Alton. We aspire to activate ideas, programs, projects, thought leaders, companies, and organizations to help create a more livable, prosperous and inclusive city that benefits and lifts the entire region. We will advocate for innovative solutions to foster job creation, creativity, inclusion, happiness and improved health outcomes, and serve as stewards of the preservation of historic downtown Alton and the region’s natural assets.

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